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SkinCrafter skinning engine

Skin engine. C++, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi skinning

SkinCrafter is a mature, stable, and comprehensive application skin engine that allows programmers to create custom skins for Windows based applications. SkinCrafter is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and earlier versions.

With its exclusive application skinning engine, implemented as a standard Windows ActiveX control and .NET component, SkinCrafter lets you design unique styles using creative special effects for fully interactive GUI development and more.

Application skinning is available for a large range of programming languages, tools, and frameworks including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Microsoft DotNet (x86 + x64), Borland C++ Builder, PowerBuilder and the Win32 SDK skinning. Read more information about application skinning engine

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SkinBuilder GUI design software is an intuitive, easy to use WYSIWYG application that lets you compose, view, modify and control all graphical elements of an application skin. SkinBuilder's clipboard support may be used to build a customized skin using any existing skin as a template.      Read more about skin builder

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with MSI installer. Using SkinCrafter Installer you can skin Microsoft Windows Installer setup packages, creating your own unique style and skinned interface with minimum efforts.      Read more

NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin is a freeware developer tool meant to skin NSIS install packages. It is a simple add-on that lets you create good looking interface of your NSIS Installer setup packages.      Read more

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