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SkinCrafter PAD file

A PAD file for SkinCrafter is available. PAD file contains information about a program that can be parsed by search engines, etc. It’s endorsed by ASP and is becoming a standard in the freeware/shareware industry.

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PAD file for SkinCrafter:

Product Description

SkinCrafter ActiveX developer library allows you to create easily skinnable end-user applications. Support for MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Delphi, Windows Forms (.NET), and all Win32 languages that support COM objects. Flexible controls customization for all Windows elements with total control over the title bar, window borders, MDI applications, buttons, boxes and all other windows common controls. Semi-transparency feature presented by SkinCrafter allows creating more realistic and good looking user interfaces with special effects e.g. smoothing, glass effect and others.

SkinCrafter custom skinning implementation library improves the visual outlook of your applications adding originality and making them eminent and memorable. Whether you’re an in-house software developer who creates modern, skinnable application for your company’s employees, or an independent software developer who dreams of increasing sales by supplying unique looking applications, SkinCrafter is the right solution for you. Do you really care what kind of impression you give the users of your software? All you have to do is just to decide what you want. If you want unique, distinctive, customized, personalized interface for your software SkinCrafter presents the best way to satisfy all your needs.


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