VB.NET skins

If you are looking for the quality software that enables you to skin VB.Net application you are at the right place. Instead of going through the theory let’s start with SkinCrafter library integration and code writing. To skin VB.NET application developed in the MS .NET Framework it will be enough to add VB.Net code presented below and initialization is consider to be well done.

Add VB.Net skins to your application easily

To use SkinCrafter.Net for adding VB.NET skins to your project, you need to create a single instance of SkinCrafter on your main form and set all the parameters in Properties

Open your project, and go to design mode

Right click on your Toolbox, and select «Insert Item» menu
Browse for skincrafter.net dll and click «Ok», which will result in adding SkinCrafter entry in toolbox panel
Drag and drop a single instance of SkinCrafter on your main form.
Set up license information and select skin file
Build and run your project, it should be skinned with selected skin


A 32-bit process is unable to load a 64-bit module and vice-versa. So if an assembly is compiled specifically to target 64-bit platform, Visual Studio will not be able to add it to toolbox, hence the error appears. To overcome this error it is necessary to add a reference to the assembly
Open your project

Right click on Reference
Choose «Add reference»
Go to SkinCrafter installation directory (SkinCrafter instalattion directory\SkinCrafterDotNet\)
Find and select skincrafter_.net2.0_vs2005_x64.dll and then click OK

Imports DMSoft
 Public SkinOb As DMSoft.SkinCrafter
 ' The code in CODE SECTION has to be called before InitializeComponent() function
 ' --------- Begin of CODE SECTION ---------- ' 
 SkinOb = New DMSoft.SkinCrafter
 'These function parameters are used for Skincrafter DEMO
 SkinOb.InitLicenKeys("SKINCRAFTER", "SKINCRAFTER.COM", "support@skincrafter.com",
"DEMOSKINCRAFTERLICENCE") SkinOb.InitDecoration(1) ' --------- End of CODE SECTION ---------- ' SkinOb.LoadSkinFromFile("C:\\Program Files\\SkinCrafter.Net\\Skins\\Amazonite.skf") SkinOb.ApplySkin()

In case, for some unexplained reason you are still having a problem with VB.NET project skinning, please, take advantage of the services offered by our dedicated team. Our guys will help you solve your problem in the shortest time possible.