PowerBuilder skin for PowerBuilder applications — that’s what SkinCrafter is the best for.

What we offer to you is a simple way to bring a nice and professional appearence to your Power Builder application. You may use our free SkinBuilder to create your own skin or choose some from our Skin Gallery, where a banch of skins for different styles and tastes are available for free. Moreover, you like one of our skins but need to modify it somehow to fit your specific application? Go ahead and modify, as all of our licensed customers are granted a right to use, destribute and modify all of the skins with no additional payments.

PowerBuilder skins

OLEObject SkinOb
SkinOb = CREATE oleobject
(”C:\Program Files\SkinCrafter\Skins\Stylish.skf”)

In case, for some unexplained reason you are still having a problem with PowerBuilder project skinning, please, take advantage of the services offered by our dedicated team. Our guys will help you solve your problem in the shortest time possible.