Skin your MSI with SkinCrafter Installer

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with MSI installer. Using SkinCrafter Installer you can skin Microsoft Windows Installer setup packages, creating your own unique style and skinned interface with minimum efforts.

SkinCrafter Installer is specially developed and styled for the tastes of those who value individuality, who aspire to express their personality and enjoy being different. This application combines extreme simplicity, great functionality and visual attractiveness.

SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation and change your installer interface in the same way as SkinCrafter does it. We encourage you to try changing your installation program with SkinCrafter Installer!

Now you have unique opportunity to implement skinning of Microsoft Installer package to fit to your corporative style. Make your software style prominent and memorable from the beginning of the installation process to the moment of your end-user program execution.

How does it work?

  • Input file name of Install package you want to skin in “MSI File Name” field.
  • Choose a skin name you’d like to use in “Skin File Name” field.
  • Choose an icon name for your output file in “Icon File Name” field or leave blank for the default icon.
  • Define a new name of this file with .exe extension or leave the same as input name in “Save as” field.
  • Click on “Create” button.

Now you have modified Install package for your application, including the Installer program and the skin chosen. When you start resulted .exe file your Installer program is launched with already skinned interface.

It’s easy as a pie. Only few steps — and your installation package is skinned!

What’s New?

  • Command line support for main SkinCrafter Installer program
  • Command line support for .exe installation file

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool that performs a fresh idea in the sphere of GUI skinning. It’s available for everyone who wants to be unique, express individuality and create corporate identity. And there is no need to worry about tiresomeness! Monotony stands no chance because of the great variety of skins accessible at our Skin Gallery. New skins are submitted and updated there regularly in order to suit the different tastes of different users. Various skins make your installer look more aesthetical. Look at our skins to imagine how surprisingly can look the interface of your installation package. You are welcome to apply any skin you want or use any skin created by our free SkinBuilder. Specially developed tutorial will help to create your own skin by yourself and skin your Installer program with it. There is also an opportunity to make it accessible for all users presenting your new created skin at our Skin Gallery.
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Latest Version:
Updated: Oct 11, 2010
Size: 2.95 MB
OS: Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7.
C++ Skins/C# Skins, VB.NET Skins (x86 + x64)/VB Skins/Delphi Skins/CBuilder Skins/Powerbuilder Skins

Right choice of skin makers and the best solution for Win32 applications skinning!

Need to develop the skinnable interface for any kind of projects? SkinCrafter ActiveX DLL component supports all win32 COM-aware languages (MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder etc.). SkinCrafter.Net is a WYSWYG optimal GUI skinning solution that can be seamlessly plug into architecture of any DotNet projects (C#, Managed C++, VB.Net).

Make all standard Windows controls differently shaped, semi-transparent and nicely colored with just some lines of programming code! SkinCrafter is a dramatic discovery in programming and that is a fact!

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