• We clearly understand that alliances and relationships play a key role in making business and taking it to the next level of prosperity.
  • We refer to these relationships as alliance partnerships (though legal partnerships are not actually established).
  • With this definite understanding the significance of cooperation we are always looking for new partners and resellers.

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BTSoftware BV

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Chongqing Huidu

Technology Co., Ltd.

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Our affiliate program

Most companies and individuals that sell goods, products or services online are realizing the benefits of affiliate programs.
The number of affiliate programs is increasing at an exponential rate.
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Resseler Program

Working together, we can help you open profitable new revenue streams selling our products to your existing customers, what in turn leads to real-valued improvements in growth and profitability for you.
If you have the need for a source that deliver reliable and high-quality software to your customers, this Reseller Program is for you. Our Reseller Program is simple, flexible and profitable. It allows you to earn additional revenue through reselling SkinCrafter.

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Company’s stability — Private ownership, constant revenue growth and financial stability have enabled our company to achieve its high level of prosperity. With continued growth of our customer base and permanent aspiration for handling new, innovative technologies, we support our proved standards of quality, performance and customer care.
Now we are looking for resellers who’ll make our business their business.
For the record, we’re pretty good at what we do. To join the program fill out the application below meant for initial authorization. This form is purposed to reckoning up your company’s ability to successfully sell our products from your site. Please make sure you have filled out the form in a proper way. The completeness and accuracy of the information effect the order of processing your application with no delay. All information is kept in absolute confidence. Look at our privacy policy