Like fine feathers make fine birds so good looking GUI makes impressive software

Integrated with your software skinning library is the right solution for GUI skinning to bring your end-user application to prosperity. To facilitate work in skin design and skin assembling specially for designers SkinBuilder is included in SkinCrafter Install Package.

  • SkinBuilder is a free application included in the SkinCrafter Install Package specially assigned for skin design and application skinning. SkinCrafter package with included SkinBuilder offers a variety of services ranging from custom interface graphics for Windows applications to complete elaborated media players themes.

  • SkinBuilder application is meant for designers and software developers and for everyone who wants to make unique looking appearance of their programs using SkinCrafter control.

  • Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or only an idea SkinBuilder provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for implementation in an application.

  • With the help of SkinBuilder, you can view and modify graphical characteristics of each control type, set margins and borders values, etc.

  • Working in SkinBuilder designers elaborate and assemble well considered skins for the whole GUI or its separate elements such as buttons, dialog boxes, base fonts, etc. Subtle design cues such as dimensionality, tactility, color, margins and borders are taken into account. All these components make users perceive gentle and breath-taking software presence. Above mentioned design subtleties and techniques are fully explained in on-line SkinBuilder manual. Here you will find comprehensive description for vague notions you probably face trying this tool.

  • SkinBuilder innovative technique allows designers to visualize creative ideas at actual skin. A skin can be made of variously colored and transparent images displayed in SkinBuilder preview area. You can even observe how changes appear one after another at different stages of skin design.

  • The skinning architecture allows professional skin designers to create a powerful, yet visually appealing customer stunning GUI seamlessly integrated in application by means of SkinCrafter.

  • Designers do all their best to create a remarkable skin for GUI and to portray program in the most favorable light revealing its efficiencies in attracting and retaining customers. In order to help designers in this not a laughing matter to be kept in with customers, we provide a design tool SkinBuilder especially assigned for skin assembling and skin visualization.

Install SkinBuilder to realize the power of well done skin. It is available for on-line downloading (without SkinCrafter library) from here. It is a simple work environment for skin design which establishes the following functional possibilities.

Do you want to create a prominent skin for your application but you are not experienced enough? Make an order for exclusive skin design. Our professional designers turn your dreams in reality even more we have great creative potential and necessary resources.

Moreover if you are going to become a real skin designer and be as our creative guys you can learn how to cope with subtle design cues by means of specially developed tutorial course. You get an opportunity to deeply imbue in design tricks implemented in a graphical editor.

Large Skin gallery illustrates concepts and deliverables that can be used immediately in real-life. Look at our portfolio for some examples of our works. Visit our on-line skin library and remove all doubts.

Skinning is a perspective direction in design art. Try SkinBuilder once and it will become impossible to tear you away from skinning process Work turns into amusement. Assemble skin with SkinBuilder and your results will speak volume

Day by day customizing graphical user interface has become more and more prevalent. Era of total interface skinning has begun. In order to cope with this new market demand, designers need to become acquainted with the opportunities presented by new technological advancements. Custom design for application GUI is known under the term ‘skin’. Applying themes affords everyone means of personalization and variety that can make your work with software much more lively. Thus main designer’s task is to attract customer attention. It is made them responsible for application GUI appearance.

Following the next advises each designer will succeed in professional skin design:

  • It’s well known that the first impression is extremely important and due to this fact software appearance can mean the difference between winning and losing a lifelong customer
  • It’s a known fact that designers strive to do something special and unique with program GUI to increase aesthetic pleasure during software utilization process.
  • Designers make an effort to shrink time for skin design elaboration. Visual presentation of program GUI in appropriate environment can distinctly lighten the work.
  • Every creative and careful designer makes up stylish skins to be sure that the program GUI will meet users’ expectations.

If you are a true designer you will surely realize the importance of creating a certain impression in software design.

According to customer’s desire skin design should have not only high usability level but, at first, need to be appallingly beautiful in esthetic perception. Creativity is crucial in design profession. When you work with skin design, you combine practical knowledge in skin assembling with creative ability in drawing. People in this field should have a strong sense of the esthetic an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty. If you possess all these characteristics you have experience in skinning and skin assembling you are a born designer and especially for you we have a proposal for designers and artists. We offer to make a free portfolio for you a collection of your best skins.

SkinCrafter is a high-tech product that can provide aesthetical, technical and financial incentives.

Managers collaborating with designers experience a brand through its identity where GUI is one of the primary elements. In a sense, skinned attractive GUI will be strong enough to have a serious effect on an end-user’s purchase behavior.

Software developers attach importance to GUI skin design too. In nine times out of ten program developers make an effort to prettify a visual appearance of application with design tricks. They know that providing software with a distinctive look and feel is a good few of success in market.

Have an interesting and tempting idea? You are welcome to share your suggestions and comments at SkinCrafter forum.