Building your brand recognition with unique GUI for your Application.

Needless to say that the secret to a successful brand lies in reinforcing and nurturing your brand across all possible channels including your applications interface. Changing the way your application looks can significantly affect your product image and lead to more successful and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Simply put, GUI skinning will help to stimulate and facilitate interaction with the brand. What do you think about building your brand recognition while driving sales? Pretty good idea, isn’t it?

As companies begin to identify branding opportunities within the GUI, they meet new challenges and search for the best ways to respond to them. Surely you can hire expensive specialists or involve your in-house programmers to develop a solution for your application GUI skinning. Certainly accomplishing the project will require much time and considerable investments.

To maximize the branding effect through your application GUI, you need a solution that will allow you to build and sustain the customer-brand relationship cost-effectively and without time wasting. Nowadays IT market presents a number of ready solutions for GUI skinning.
DMSoft Technologies offers SkinCrafter developer library that allows you to create unique looking style applications with fully interactive user interfaces. This custom skinning implementation library improves the visual look of your applications adding originality and making them eminent and memorable. Now you don’t need to incur additional expenditures and wait a lot of time to achieve the result. Using SkinCrafter you can view results on the spot. SkinCrafter solution is applicable to skinning GUI for business applications, media applications, instant messengers and much more various programs.

Dreaming to win the branding race?

Along with usability of a program, but unquestionably it plays a great role and affects user’s perception in ways that people themselves don’t even realize, however GUI attractiveness is certainly a very subjective characteristic. However, software visual distinctiveness is believed to be more important factor than software attractiveness. More and more companies tend to enrich their software with a distinctive look and feel in order to maintain the branding integrity of the product. Maintaining a consistent branding language for the software products works to support reasonable customer expectations regarding your brand. Technology Research Analysts believe that more and more manufacturers will wrap their software in their own branding and that users will respond enthusiastically to those massive efforts.

Specialists say brand is a promise. By identification a product it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality. Along with traditional brand advertising using mass media, which is still effective at delivering and establishing the brand promise your application GUI represents a powerful opportunity that allows customers to interact and communicate with your brand. Each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to either strengthen or degrade your brand power. Clear understanding this fact is a critical point for a successful branding strategy of your business and building your corporate identity. Application GUI is one of the corporate identity components that express unique visual character of your company. Therefore unique look of your application GUI is an efficient step to building your brand identity.

It’s not an easy thing to keep pace with changes in the industry and achieve success in an ever more competitive marketplace. SkinCrafter helps your business to personalize graphic user interface with a unique look and feel that reflect your company’s branding and marketing message. The fundamentals of marketing have not changed; it is still about brands. So build and maintain your brand with SkinCrafter — a highly visible long-lasting branding opportunity for your business.