The world of skin making is opened for you!

Graformix Studio together with SkinCrafter creators offers a variety of additional services to meet your needs concerning GUI design and skins making. We offer the right mix of technical skills with creative flair and elegance correspondingly for code integration and skin making. SkinCrafter team’s and Graformix designer’s main goal is to give software developers, GUI designers and skinners the opportunity to realize their potential and to unleash creative power for their projects. We can significantly help providing effective services listed below, the end result is beneficial to both.
Our assistance will increase additional skills, sells and experience that will help developers in their career pathways.

The following is a list of woks to facilitate GUI development for skin makers:

  • Individual skin design.
  • SkinCrafter library integration.
  • GUI development and GUI design.
  • Eye-catching icons and logos creation.

Do you want special skin design for your project? You are welcome!

Original and individual skin design that you can order includes a complete control-set (meaning every single graphic should be done for premade GUI specifically to match the skin). The skin can be customized (image files and icons are included) and applied in throughout several days. As always with all DMSoft Technologies products, detailed instructions are provided as well as fast e-mail support.

You think that SkinCrafter skinning library integration is a problem, don’t you? You are mistaken!

Easy as 1-2-3, SkinCrafter integration doesn’t require a lot of time or special programming knowledge. With several lines of code you obtain modern and nice looking GUI for your project. But if you have no time and wish to get in details of library integration process we kindly offer a new type of service. You might significantly increase speed of your application skinning with the help of SkinCrafter team which has a great experience in this sphere. Working at skinning day by day they professionally integrate skinning component in any application. We will be your alive manuals and provide any kind of assistance if you would like to take advantage of this service. We offer the easiest way to make your project smoothly skinned

Boss requires professionally fulfilled GUI design and skinning implementation to be well done? We respond to your needs: No problem!

SkinCrafter specialists joining hands with Graformix designers offer you friendly professional service which includes detailed GUI development, its personalizing and skinning implementation with SkinCrafter library that will suit all your needs. We can also smoothly and easily realize code integration process in short term. The full range of support is provided by us too. First line support is accessible for all our users for free and is also coordinated remotely via a dedicated team. Individually we offer second line support to our users that mean expert advices and answers to specific questions. It is available for you at an additional charge.

Maybe all your needs are concentrated on eye-catching icons and logos creation?

When you want to make positive impression on your customers offering programming products for them you need to create friendly visual presentation for your company and for the software you sell. Including skin design we also provide all the spectrum of services concerning icons and logos design, redesign, creation and modifications. Take a chance to be commercially successful and give your application worth vivid visual look!

If you wish to make a suggestion feel free to contact Graformix Design Studio or address your feedbacks